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Quarter 4: Composing 4-Voice Chorales


Quarter 4 is focused on composing chorales for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach. We will build chords, employ strong chord progressions, and nonharmonic tones to create pleasant and rich vocal works. Check here to download homework PDFs and view the overview of the quarter.


Mr. Strand


Quarter 4

At a Glance

Week 2 Homework

Due Week 3

Study for your quiz!

Week 3 Homework

Due week 4

Week 4 Homework

None due to field trip!


Week 5 Homework

None due to field trip!

Week 6 Homework

Due Week 7

Check back after week 6!

Week 7 Homework

Due Week 8

Check back after week 7!

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